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Rumor: Zach Randolph invited drug dealer to house

Police say Zach Randolph met a man dealing marijuana aboard a charter cruise ship in Portland on Friday and invited him to his mansion later in order to sell weed to the 20 or so guests at Randolph’s after-cruise party.


HoopsVibe’s Very Quick Call: Zach Randolph has a problem.

Yesterday, HoopsVibe News reported that Randolph was not directly involved in an assualt at his residence between ‘The Hoop Posse’ and a drug dealer.

Well, it turns out the power forward (allegedly) invited the man into his home to sell weed to guests after a boat cruise in Portland.

This changes things. There are now legal ramifications.

I have two thoughts. First, Randolph has to cut ties with the infamous entourage that keeps getting him in trouble. He’s no longer a rookie with the Trail Blazers. He’s a man, and should take greater responsibility for the company he keeps.

Second, if Randolph can’t cut ties then he should avoid The Rose City. Nothing good happens for him in Portland; fans, residents, and police don’t like him and his friends.

Randolph has disposable income. He can live where he likes. Why not reside in another city and avoid the trappings of Portland?

–Oly Sandor.

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