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Brandon Jennings: Kobe Not L.A. enough?

If Bryant decides to play in the Drew League this summer, Jennings would want to see some documentation. "He wasn’t born and raised in L.A," Jennings told ESPN the Magazine`s Chris Palmer. "You gotta be from L.A. for Drew. Show me a birth certificate."


HoopsVibe’s Very Quick Call: Perhaps taking his cue from Donald Trump and President Obama, Brandon Jennings wants to see Kobe Bryant’s birth certificate to establish if the superstar can represent the Los Angeles based Drew League.

Locked out NBA players have taken to suiting up for two street ball organizations: the Goodman League and the Drew League.

Jennings believes you must be born or raised in Los Angeles to play for the west-coast based Drew League. Bryant wasn’t born or raised in Los Angeles, which according to the Milwaukee Bucks’ table-setter makes him ineligible.

To be fair, Bryant has always considered himself a Los Angeles native since getting drafted by the Lakers in the mid-nineties. Other cities, especially Philadelphia, gave him grief for such allegiances.

So Jennings, a resident of Compton, should perhaps cut the five-time world champion a little slack and let him play for the Drew.

–Oly Sandor.

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