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Andray Blatche: I have to change

“I’m 25 years old,” said Blatche, who celebrated his birthday last month with John Wall, Hamady Ndiaye, Josh Howard and Trevor Booker in South Beach. “I’ve been in the league six years now. I know my goal. I want to be an all-star. And to be an all-star, I have to make changes, and those are the changes that I have to make now.


HoopsVibe’s Very Quick Call: His actions will speak louder than his words.

Andray Blatche can talk about changing his lifestyle and cutting out the negative influences, however, only he can realize his goal of becoming an NBA All-Star.

For that to happen he must put his team, the Washington Wizards, first -which means he stops fighting with coach Flip Saunders, stops fighting teammates for statistics to get a triple-double, and stops fighting teammates in nightclubs.

Amongst all the drama is a world of talent. Blatche is a stretch-four, with a wonderful skill-set and flair for the game.

Now is the time. Blatche is in the first year of a multi-year deal for $35 million, so there are expectations.

It seems only he and the Wizards have faith it will happen.

–Oly Sandor

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