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Minnesota T-Wolves get credible by landing Rick Aldeman

It’s confirmed: Rick Adelman is new #Timberwolves coach, two league sources say.


HoopsVibe’s Very Quick Call: Look up. That could be a pig flying over you.

The Minnesota Timberwolves have done what many thought would never happen: they spent a considerable amount of money to hire Rick Adelman, a coach with pedigree.

Yes, we`re talking about those Timberwolves and the Rick Adelman. This oddball franchise that can’t get out the Western Conference cellar reeled in a top-flight sideline boss.

All it cost was cash. Lots of it. Adelman was reportedly seeking, and may well have gotten, a 5-year deal worth $25 million.

But this wasn’t just a franchise paying a coach. The Timberwolves bought credibility. And they kept their superstar, Kevin Love, happy.

Whenever the season starts, the young Timberwolves could be competitive. They may even challenge for the playoffs. Then the pigs will be flying, and hell will be freezing over.

–Oly Sandor

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