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Rashard Lewis: It’s not my fault I’m overpaid

“You sign me to a deal, you think I’m going to say, ‘No, I deserve $50 [million] instead of $80 [million]?’ I’m like, ‘Hell, yeah.’ I’m not going to turn it down. You can’t blame the players. If anything, we don’t negotiate the deal. We’ve got agents that negotiate the deals with the team. Y’all need to go talk to the teams and the agents.”


HoopsVibe’s Very Quick Call: Two words for Rashard Lewis. Save it.

The stretch four-man for the Washington Wizards may have a point about the owners’ spending habits, however, the ‘Average Joe’ has little time, interest, or sympathy in millionaire players and billionaire owners point the figure and blame each other.

What they want is a season. And now.

Lewis needs to step outside his bubble, consider the American economy, and reflect on what a fan must think hearing him complain.

After all, Lewis is an overrated and overpaid. He’s a decent scorer raking in superstar money and could be the poster boy for the NBA’s current state of fiscal mismanagement.

The league’s middle class makes too much. The list of decent-to-average players earning tens of millions of dollars is a problem.

So the owners have decided they’ll get cost certainty with a hard cap and better split of Basketball Related Income, which, by the way, still guarantees Lewis a luxurious life.

–Oly Sandor.

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