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David Stern on negotiations: We’re not near anything

The NBA and NBPA broke for the weekend on Saturday after an eight hour bargaining session that followed a four-hour meeting on Friday. No agreement is in place, but the sides have moved "closer" to a compromise on system issues, commissioner David Stern said."We’re not near anything," Stern said. "But wherever that is, we’re closer than we were before."


HoopsVibe’s Very Quick Call:
Commissioner David Stern said the two sides are ‘closer on system issues’, but union boss Billy Hunter believes owners and players are ‘miles apart’.

So what to make of Saturday’s labour negotiations?

Well, the two sides are talking and will meet again on Monday. However, they can’t even agree on how to characterize discussions and didn’t try tackling Basketball Related Income because it’s too contentious.

Bottom line: both sides have their ideological lines in the sand. They formed these lines years ago.

Something or some group will have to give. And it starts with figuring out the split of BRI.

–O. Sandor.

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