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Derek Fisher to launch ‘Let Us Play’ Campaign

Fisher encouraged all players to attend an NBPA meeting in Los Angeles on Monday, and to utilize “our personal social networking channels to show the fans and you all, that we are united and want to get back to work under a fair deal.”

(Per Derek Fisher:) “On Monday, Chris (Paul) and I will tweet and post “LET US PLAY.” This was used by the NFL players and many will be joining us on Monday and retweeting the same message to show their support for our players. I will also be using the hash tag #StandUnited after all my messages until this lockout is over.


HoopsVibe’s Very Quick Call: Desperate times, desperate measures.

When, not if, the NBA starts cancelling regular seasons games, Union President Derek Fisher wants the players he represents to protest via social media.

Fisher wants the players to show unity by collectively tweeting ‘Let Us Play’. Sadly, this will gain little sympathy with the public.

The players, of course, can play. They just have to make further concessions.

The players can begin training camp on Tuesday by moving off their 53-47 split of Basketball Related Income and accepting the owners’ proposal of an even 50-50 split of BRI.

Everything else would quickly fall into place. The two sides would then sign a new collective bargaining agreement and the players could play.

–O. Sandor.

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