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Can ballet save Michael Beasley’s image?

Timberwolves forward Michael Beasley has kept busy during an extended, locked-out NBA summer when he played ball everywhere from China to Manhattan’s famed asphalt playgrounds. He has also taken up ballet to transform his body and hired a public- relations agency to improve his image.


HoopsVibe’s Very Quick Call: Forget Yoga. Forget working with Michael Jordan’s old trainer Tim Grover. And forget elaborate diets.

The newest training trend for NBA players is ballet. Michael Beasley has taken to the classical dance to prepare for the season -if owners and players ever settle on a new collective bargaining agreement.

While unorthodox, ballet has helped Beasley improve his balance, strength, and coordination. Best of all, the Baltimore native is fifteen pounds lighter than his 2011 playing weight of 240 pounds.

Of course, there’s no doubt this news leaking is part of Beasley’s public make-over. Remember, Minnesota police caught him speeding with marijuana and cell-phone cameras captured a confrontation with a fan at a playground run.

Bizarre news is good news for Beas‘, especially when you’re looking to rehsape your image and  score a multi-year extension for mega-millions.


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