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Kevin Durant: ‘I’m all for player movement’

“Why cant players have freedom of movement?” asked Durant. “Teams trade players like cards, but you get mad when a player decides to go to another team. Double standard.” Durant pointed out that players often take less money in order to have the freedom to pick their destination. “I’m all for player movement,” said Durant before adding that he loves playing for the Thunder.


HoopsVibe’s Very Quick Call: There has to be a trade off. At least, Kevin Durant thinks so.

Regardless of what the owners say, the players have made considerable concessions on Basketball Related Income.

For instance, the players earned 57% of BRI in the last Collective Bargaining Agreement and stand to make about 50% whenever the two sides sign a new deal.

The hold-up is what players get in exchange for taking a smaller piece of the pie. They want freedom to move between teams, while the owners are reluctant to grant such freedom because they fear wealthy, have-franchises will overpay.

Bottom line: the owners scored a massive victory on BRI. They routed the players by 35 points and are laughing to the bank.

Perhaps owners should give on cap loopholes and trade exceptions. Or, perhaps players, like Durant, should live with a scaled down mid level exception and sign-and trade formula.

Somebody has to give. At this point, I, like most of ‘Joe Public’, don’t care who it is.

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