Saturday , Nov , 12 , 2011 Hoopsvibe

Rumor: Could 2011-12 NBA season end Monday?

The 2011-2012 NBA season is really, actually going to be cancelled. You may be saying “I knew this for months!” or something similarly cynical, but no one knew. They were talking. Not as early as they should have, but they were talking. No one knew how it would end. But here we are. We’re not going to have a season.


HoopsVibe’s Very Quick Call: Monday is a critical day for the now four month long lockout.

On Monday, the players will vote on, and in all likely-hood reject, the owners’ latest offer of a 50-50 split of Basketball Related Income and a more restrictive system.

There are consequences to rejecting the owners` offer. For instance, the owners insist this is their best deal and if rejected their next offer will include a hard cap with a demand for 53% of BRI.This is the equivalent of declaring labour war.

The players have their own card to play, though. There’s a movement to decertify the union, which would officially begin once this offer is rejected.

So, much is riding on the players accepting the offer at Monday’s meeting. Unfortunately, this is a long-shot.

The early indications from players and agents is they can’t accept the restrictions owners have placed on movement. They are against a mini mid-level exception, clauses on sign-and-trades, and a super tax on over-the-cap teams.

So expect the offer to be rejected. And expect things to get especially complicated on Monday.

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