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Billy Hunter: Players will vote on Owners’ propsal

When reached on Saturday night, however, Hunter told that his intention was to have the player representatives vote on a revised version of the NBA’s latest proposal before moving forward. We will vote on the NBA’s proposal," Hunter wrote in a text message. "The proposal will be presented with some proposed amendments."


HoopsVibe’s Very Quick Call: They will vote. And the results will matter.

NBA players will vote, and in all likely-hood reject, the owners’ latest CBA proposal at Monday’s meeting in New York.

The real question is what happens next?

The players will officially begin a decertification movement that has been organizing for weeks. Decertification would dissolve the union. There’d be piles of paperwork; the season would be lost.

Of course, the owners have a card to play, too. If the players reject their offer, they’ll cancel games and demand a greater share of Basketball Related Income with a hard cap.

It’s a game of chicken worth hundreds of millions of dollars. Someone has to blink.

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