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Billy Hunter: ‘Maybe we can start our own league’

Billy Hunter: “Maybe we can start our own league. There are faculties where we can do that. Can’t play at MSG but can play at St John’s.” … There’s talk of getting a TV deal and creating a new league but it’d have to be with a network that’s unafraid to cross the NBA.


HoopsVibe’s Very Quick Call: I call nonsense.

There’s little chance the players will start a basketball league that can rival the NBA. Correction: there’s no chance.

After all, the NBA’s television deals, arena rights, and corporate sponsors aren’t leaving because of the lockout. And they certainly won’t ‘cross the floor’ to support an upstart league.

Most NBA players have struggled to organize their All-Star game or charity match, so how on earth can they be expected to organize an entire league?

This is Billy Hunter, the former head of the NBA Players’ Association and current head of the NBA Players’ Trade Association, angling for leverage.

Threatening the owners with a rival league won’t work, though.

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