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Paul Pierce: owners must extend olive branch

Paul Pierce believes the owners need to be the party to initiate a return to the bargaining table. “I think the owners have to take the step. We have taken a lot of steps. I think we have taken as many steps as we can take, which is why we are at where we are at. We feel like we’ve taken the most steps. That’s why we are going to court now.”


HoopsVibe’s Very Quick Call: Paul, who cares?

Five months into the NBA lockout it doesn’t matter who initiates talks so that owners and players finally bridge the gap on the remaining system issues.

It only matters that they do talk and bridge the gap. After all, the season is at risk. And re-starting after blowing an entire year would be difficult.

But Pierce’s attitude is hardly surprising. It reflects the view of players and owners in that the other side is at fault. So why talk? And why compromise on the last crumbs of a new Collective Bargaining Agreement?

Sadly, stubbornness is ruling the day.

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