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Rumor: Players, Owners talking, hope for Dec 25th tip-off?

“Two people who have been briefed on the league’s strategy told the NBA is holding out hope a settlement can be reached in time for the season to begin no later than Christmas.


HoopsVibe’s Very Quick Call: All I want for Christmas is my NBA.

It has become tradition –the gorging of food and consumption of beer while watching several NBA teams battle on Jesus’ birthday.

It may still happen. Saving the season would be a Christmas miracle, indeed.

Apparently players and owners have started talking with the hope that they’ll find common ground on the remaining system issues and begin a 66-game season on December 25th.

Basketball Related Issue is no longer an issue; the players and owners will split revenue 50-50. Surprisingly, the owners and players are arguing over the Mid level Exception.

If they don’t find common ground, the season may be in doubt. Commissioner David Stern has said he the league would a need thirty day window after signing the new Collective Bargaining Agreement to handle free agency and training camp.

And then we would all have to spend time with our parents-in-law on Christmas. None of us want that. They better get a deal done.

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