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Rumor: Blazers to cut Brandon Roy?

Here’s hoping Allen does. And that the longest look is into Roy’s eyes. Brandon’s out," a league executive told me Monday. "Don’t know the exact details, but everyone around the league knows it’s way, way done. Paul and Bert (Kolde) are calling the shots on this one."


HoopsVibe’s Very Quick Call: Oh how the mighty has fallen.

Not long ago Brandon Roy was heading up a basketball renaissance for the Portland Trail Blazers. Zach Randolph and The Jail Blazer era was out, while Roy, the perimeter version of Tim Duncan, was in.

And the basketball-mad Rose City rejoiced, qualifying for the playoffs with a young crew  that was almost as talented as the upstart Oklahoma City Thunder.

The Blazers, who knew Roy had knee troubles, went ahead and signed him to a lucrative six-year contract for the league maximum.

At the time, it was the right move.

Knee surgeries have hampered Roy’s play. He fell out of favour with the coaching staff, lost his starting position, and spouted off to the media about his minutes during last year’s playoff.
Some inspired play during those same playoffs won’t be enough to save him.

The Blazers will likely take advantage of the amnesty clause in the new Collective Bargaining Agreement and cut ties with their one-time franchise face.

This will be especially painful for Roy, a Northwest native. The talented swing will dust himself off and salvage his career, though.

He just won’t do it earning max’ money. Welcome to the new and cost-effective NBA.

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