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Alvin Gentry ‘Very Excited’ about Suns signing Michael Redd

Very excited about Michael Redd joining the team. Great offensive weapon. He will be a welcome addition.


HoopsVibe’s Very Quick Call: This is what Coach Alvin Gentry has been reduced to.

The personable sideline boss must put a positive spin on his Phoenix Suns signing shooter Michael Redd, who has struggled with injuries the last few years.

Redd, a veteran who is attempting to resurrect his career, is the best the Suns can afford -even in the post-lockout world of greater parity and revenue sharing.

The problem is simple: Robert Sarver. The Suns’ controversial owner doesn’t have the resources to sustain an NBA team, let alone one that will stay in contention for a playoff spot.

So Suns’ management must cut corners and react. Draft picks are sold. Star talent is allowed to walk. And cheap replacements are brought in.

Hopefully, Redd resurrects his stalled career with a solid year. Even this won’t change the Suns’ sinking fortunes in a competitive Western Conference.

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