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Rumor: Joe Johnson and Al Horford for Dwight Howard?

Atlanta engaged Orlando in Dwight Howard trade talks this month, as well as the notion that the Magic would surely want Horford as part of any swap if the talks ever go anywhere. "Wow," Horford said. "I guess I’m heading back to Florida. … I don’t know, that’s interesting, I know that Dwight is from here, but as far as I know, this is the first I’ve heard of it. But it’ll be interesting."


HoopsVibe’s Very Quick Call: Dwight Howard isn’t getting traded to the Atlanta Hawks because Dwight Howard won’t re-sign with the Atlanta Hawks.

Howard, who can opt-out of his contract in July of 2012 with the Orlando Magic and become a free agent, wants to play in a major market.

Think New York, specifically Brooklyn. Think Los Angeles. Maybe Dallas.

For a couple of reasons, Atlanta, despite being Howard’s hometown, doesn’t stand a chance at getting the world`s top center to sign an extension.

1) The Hawks`owners, the LLC Spirit group, are highly dysfunctional. They once sued each other. They gave away a professional hockey team. And, most importantly, they won`t spend on a winner. Sure, they`ll float a few big-tickets, but they lack the resources and market size to underwrite a championship contender. And Howard knows this.

2) Atlanta won`t provide Howard with opportunities to leverage his brand. For instance, he wants a career in entertainment, and New York and Los Angeles are the best places for this to occur.

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