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Rumor: Toronto Raptors to trade Jose Calderon?

That doesn’t mean he’s poised to ask for a trade — "I don’t think so, that’s not me, that’s not my personality," Calderon said — but the 30-year-old left the undeniable sense that he wouldn’t oppose a move away from the rebuilding Raps if the opportunity materializes.


HoopsVibe’s Very Quick Call: The struggling Toronto Raptors must do something -like finally parting with point guard Jose Calderon.

The Spaniard doesn’t fit with the Dinos. After all, the Raptors are young, cheap, and defensive-minded, while Calderon is 30-years old, expensive, and can’t get stops.

There’s a bigger issue: Bryan Colangelo could be in trouble.

The former Executive of the Year has failed to right the Raptors, and maybe running out of time, especially with Rogers/Bell buying the NBA property from the Ontario Teachers Pension Fund.

So moving Calderon would provide a distraction, albeit a short one, from the real issue for Colangelo.

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