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Rumor: Nash and Suns considering a trade?

Our position has been the same all along, which is I’ve told him that he has earned the right to stay with our franchise as long as he wants provided that he believes in what we’re doing, and provided that he’s all in and wants to do that,” Babby told SI.com. It’s that last part that offers the slightest bit of wiggle room. For as much as Nash reveres his intimate relationship with the Suns’ fan base, it’s not as if he didn’t notice the departure of players like forward Amar’e Stoudemire en route to Phoenix’s decline from Western Conference finals participant in 2010 to a 40-42 record and playoff-less existence last season. He has an interesting habit in that regard, too, a frequent comment he makes that is his attempt to state the obvious: He needs more help.”We’re not a very talented group,” he said Saturday, in his familiar refrain.


HoopsVibe’s Very Quick Call: It’s time.It’s time for Steve Nash to leave the sad-sack Phoenix Suns and play meaningful basketball in May and June.

And it’s time for the Phoenix Suns to convert their veteran asset into some combination of draft picks, young talent, and/or expiring contracts.

There’s no guarantee a trade happens, though. Neither side wants to alienate Phoenix fans by pressing the escape button and ruining a long, productive relationship.

So Nash and Suns management are currently locked in a silent, covert game of chicken, daring the other side to take the first step and push for a trade.

Make no mistake about it, a trade is best for all involved. Even with his gluten-free diet and unconventional training methods, Nash’s career is winding down, while the Suns must being the inevitable process of rebuilding.

Player and team must face facts. Moving on is best for Nash and the Suns.

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