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Rumor: Josh Smith still wants out of Atlanta?

Atlanta ownership still resists trading Josh Smith, sources tell Y! Smith’s preference to leave Hawks has been unchanged for past year.


HoopsVibe’s Very Quick Call: This is about a franchise’s search for credibility -not the Atlanta Hawks and Josh Smith potentially parting ways.

For years, Atlanta was an oddball franchise. It was the NBA’s version of Siberia -as players of any stature would look to ply their craft elsewhere.

Smith, a high-flying forward and Atlanta native, has been part of the Hawks becoming a perennial playoff team.

This success has come in spite of ownership -not because of it. After all, the Atlanta Spirit group is a fractured partnership of businessmen, who have been known to argue  about free agent signings and even sue each other.

Now Smith wants out, in part, because he feels the Hawks’ unique ownership group isn’t committed to winning.

Perhaps this is fair; however, Smith should continue to look at himself. Too often, he has been a distraction.

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