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Dwight Howard to Magic: ‘Roll the dice’ and let me finish year in Orlando

Howard would not address the future beyond this year and said he understood there was some risk for the Magic, but hoped they’d roll the dice and keep him in Orlando.

“We’ve been talking for a while and I told them, I want to finish this season out and give our team and give our fans some hope for the future but I feel they have to roll that dice,” sad Howard. “It might be tough but I feel like we’ve got a great opportunity but they’ve got to roll it. “


HoopsVibe’s Very Quick Call: Dwight Howard ‘wants’ it both ways.

The All-Star center ‘wants’ to finish the season with the Orlando Magic, but doesn’t ‘want’ to sign a long-term extension.

In other words, Howard ‘wants’ the Magic to assume all the risk. He ‘wants’ his current team to play the odds, telling the front office to ‘roll the dice’ following the Magic’s win over the Heat.

Here’s the thing: well run organizations don’t ‘roll the dice’ or give their star employee what he `wants`, no matter how great he is.

Simply put, the Magic can’t allow Howard to finish the year without having his name on an extension.

`Rolling the dice` would result in Howard opting-out of his contract on July 1st and bolting as a free agent to the New Jersey Nets or Dallas Mavericks.

Under this scenario, the Magic get nothing back. And the Nets and Mavericks would have given up nothing but money to get him.

In fact, some, like NBATV analyst and former coach Sam Mitchell, believe this is why Howard asked to finish the season in Orlando. 

He has already decided to sign with the Nets, but doesn’t want to weaken his next team by having them give up assets in a trade.

In other words, Howard has half a foot in Orlando and a foot and a half in New Jersey. 

Bottom line: the Magic must cut a trade.

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