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Larry King: Dwight Howard agreed to Nets trade before Opting-In with Magic

"You read it here," King said. "Dwight Howard had agreed to be traded to the Nets, but had a last minute change of heart and stayed with the Magic." In subsequent tweets, the veteran newsman declined to reveal his source and said "if Dwight wants to comment, I can’t tell Dwight what to say."


HoopsVibe’s Very Quick Call: Remember Larry King?

King was a legendary reporter and CNN interviewer before giving way to Piers Morgan, the humorous Brit’ and former gossip rag editor.

While the ‘Larry-Legend’ of the talk-show circuit was dialled in with presidents, kings, dictators, rock stars, comics, and actors, it remains to be seen how connected he is to the world of the NBA -especially with a superstar like Dwight Howard.

So I’m not sure how to take his tweet that Howard agreed to a trade to the New Jersey Nets before changing his mind and opting-in with the Orlando Magic for 2013.

It’s entirely possible, though. Remember, Howard changed his mind like a Hollywood socialite changes shoes.

Initially, he wanted out of Orlando, even requesting a trade. Then he wanted to stay. Then he wanted a trade. And then he wasn’t sure.

The flip-flopping and speculation continued until Howard surprisingly opted-in on trade deadline morning, which was followed by an awkward press conference.

Of course, the Magic had to protect themselves, so they surely pursued a trade with the Nets, while also trying to convince Howard to stay.

Fortunately, for the Magic it worked. Howard is staying. For now.

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