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Rumor: Nash to Heat for Mid Level Exception?

When asked by Patrick about possibly linking with LeBron, Nash said he’d definitely listen if the Heat came-a-courtin’.Surely he’s aware they’re capsized and luxury-payers for 2012-13.Of course, you’ve got to believe someone who has earned monster money over the course of his career could make do on a mid-exception salary ($5M) for a year or two.


HoopsVibe’s Very Quick Call: Will Steve Nash become that player?

Will the two-time MVP and future member of the basketball Hall of Fame change his legacy by signing with a loaded contender at a discounted rate this summer?

Will he follow in the footsteps of Gary Payton and Jason Kidd to get his ring as a supporting piece or, in the case of Mitch Richmond, as a bench-warmer?

Well, it’s a possibility according to reports out of New York this week.

It seems the Miami Heat are interested in making Nash their point guard. Here’s the catch: he’ll have to take the Heat’s Mid Level Exception of $5 million, which represents a $6 million pay cut from his current salary of $11 million.

Of course, Nash’s legacy would change if he heads east to South Beach. The lovable, skateboarding, youtube-joking table-setter would be part of the big, bad Heat. He’d be the villain, the enemy.

However, if it’s about winning then this would be best for Nash. After all, he’s 38-years old and can’t keep beating Father Time with his gluten free diet and hippie Canadian ways.

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