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Charles Barkley: Kentucky Wildcats could beat Toronto Raptors

Charles Barkley offered his bit of infinite wisdom on how good the Wildcats are. His prognosis? They are good enough to beat the Toronto Raptors. But the Charlotte Bobcats? Not so much.


HoopsVibe’s Very Quick Call: The Kentucky Wildcats are talented, but not that talented.

Sure, the Wildcats – led by the great Anthony Davis – have five or six talented pieces that will play in the NBA. And sure, these Wildcats could win the NCAA tournament.

Here’s the thing: the Toronto Raptors, despite sitting near the bottom of the Eastern Conference, are loaded with talented pieces. Every player on their roster was either a blue-chip college piece, a prep-to-pro stud, or a Euro’ super prospect.

So there’s no way the Wildcats, as talented as they are, could beat the Raptors.

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