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Andres Nocioni on Tyreke Evans: ‘Incredible talent’, bad attitude

Andres Nocioni on Tyreke Evans: "I can’t really say what I want to say because I’m on TV… Incredible talent, but I think teams sometimes should be tougher on the younger guys. What he brought to Sacramento was trouble in the locker room and that doesn’t take you nowhere.


HoopsVibe’s Very Quick Call: Andres Nocioni, for better or worse, tells it like it is.

The veteran swing — who is currently out of the NBA after getting released by the Philadelphia 76ers earlier this season — never pulls punches. (In fact, this could be why Nocioni doesn’t have a job.)

It’s especially telling that Nocioni publicly called out Tyreke Evans, the talented but underachieving swing for the Sacramento Kings. He has nothing to gain by doing so.

According to Nocioni, the Kings are dysfunctional, in part, because team officials never held Evans accountable for his disturbing behaviour.

The implication is this: the Kings are struggling because they tolerated Evans’ poor judgement off-court, shot first mentality on-court, and me-first approach with teammates.

Like so many things, timing is everything. This summer, the Kings will be able to open negotiations on a long-term pact with Evans, who has up to two years remaining on his original rookie contract.

The feeling is that the franchise is satisfied but hardly thrilled with Evans. And the cost-conscious Maloof brothers, who own the team, won’t offer him a max’ money contract.

In today’s NBA, this is a slight. Most stars wants superstar money. Anything less is seen as a lack of respect by the player and his entourage of yes-men.

So this summer’s contract talks this summer between the Kings and Evans could foreshadow whether the team and player stick together or break up.

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