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Larry Brown: Michael Jordan’s Yes-Men are wrecking Bobcats

“These things” include critics ranging from NBA television commentator and Jordan friend Charles Barkley, to a columnist in the Chicago Sun-Times who asked why Jordan was at hockey playoff games instead of home tending to his Bobcats, to frustrated fans. The harshest comments to date came Wednesday morning from ex-Bobcats coach (and Hall of Famer) Larry Brown. Brown said on Dan Patrick’s nationally syndicated radio show that Jordan’s top advisers didn’t challenge his opinions and “don’t have a clue.” Brown even suggested Jordan placed “spies” in the basketball operation to check up on him and his assistants.


HoopsVibe’s Very Quick Call: Playing the game was easy. Managing and owning a team has been difficult.

Larry Brown, the nomad coach, thinks Michael Jordan’s lack of success as manager/owner of the Charlotte Bobcats is because he surrounds himself with yes-men.

Brown, of course, would know. He was the former coach of the Bobcats before quitting mid-season a couple of years ago. Like Jordan, he’s part of the North Carolina mafia, so these two go way back.

Brown believes Jordan’s enablers won’t challenge him or his philosophies, allowing him to, say, party during Super Bowl Week instead of punching the clock and putting in work on turning around the lowly Bobcats.

Jordan’s lack of success is hardly a surprise. But not because he has the middle-aged equivalent of Turtle, Drama, and ‘E’ in the Bobcats’ front office. Star players usually struggle as coaches, executives, or owners because they don’t understand the commitment necessary to have success in an off-court position.

For instance, players practice and/or play for at most four-to-five hours per day. Then they go home. While coaches, executives, and owners practically live, sleep, eat, and breath their team. 24 hours a day. 7 days a week.

A former star, like Jordan, doesn’t get what he must put-in as manager/owner. After all, playing the game came naturally to him, but the personnel and business side of things is different.

Sadly, Jordan and his Bobcats are learning this lesson the hard way.

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