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Is Brandon Roy Making an NBA Comeback?

Is Brandon Roy Making a NBA Comeback?

HoopsVibe’s Very Quick Call: Comebacks are usually a bad idea and have more to do with players running out of money.

Brandon Roy made his semi-official declaration of working on a comeback to the NBA this weekend when he tweeted he was training daily for his return to the NBA.

When asked if he would return to play for Portland, Roy responded, “I wish, but due to the NBA rules I cannot play in Portland until 2014-2015. I’m looking to return sooner. Thanks for your support. I’m fortunate to have played for such a great fan base. No matter where I play, Portland will always have a special place in my heart.”

Roy will dip his toe into a comeback this coming weekend playing at Jamal Crawford’s Pro-Am. The question on most team’s minds will be how will Roy’s knees hold up. He was once regarded by Ron Artest as the hardest shooting guard to defend in the entire league. If Roy can regain that form he may still have a limited role on a team’s roster. At 27, Roy is still young enough to get back into the NBA if his knees can take the abuse. Ideally, he may find himself in a Derek Fisher type of role.  He could give some lucky team an incredible boost off the bench and, with limited minutes, minimize the pounding on his knees.

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