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Pistons Trade Gordon To Charlotte

Pistons Trade Gordon and a first-round pick to Charlotte.

HoopsVibe’s Very Quick Call:

Ben Gordon is heading to Charlotte for forward Corey Maggette. Maggette is a 6-foot6, 225-pound forward that averaged 15 points a game in 2012 for the Bobcats, while Ben Gordon averaged only 12 points a game for the Pistons last year.

The Pistons also threw in a lottery-protected first-round pick in 2013 to complete the deal. Gordon is owed 26.6 million over the next two season which is a lot for many teams to swallow for a 12 point per game guy. The Bobcats are clearly hopping this sharpshooter can increase his output in the offensive scheme. 

Maggette has a 10.9 million contract that will expire next season. Clearly, the Bobcats are thinking Maggette will not be looking to renew with them, so they better get some value for him while they can. The real issue is whether paying Gordon’s 26.6 million is a good choice. That ties up a lot of money that could be aimed at players that produce a lot more than 12 points per game. The real difficulty Charlotte has in bringing top quality players is the team is horrible. Most high quality players simply don’t want to play on a team that is so far away from being a contender as Charlotte.  It looks like 2013 is going to be another long season for the Bobcats.

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