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Wade To Miss Olympics With Knee Surgery

Wade to miss London Olympics with knee surgery.

HoopsVibe’s Very Quick Call: Everyone knew that wasn’t the D-wade we were used to seeing this playoffs. Looks like he was hurt worse than he admitted.

Wade To Miss Olympics With Knee Surgery

Everyone knew Wade was playing in pain, but no one knew just how bad that pain was. Apparently, Wade’s knee issue is very serious and he will have to have surgery on it within the next couple weeks. The decision to have the surgery now, instead of wait till after the Olympics, means he will be back for next season.

This shows Wade’s determination to repeat as champions next year. He could have just as easily held off on the surgery and gone after the gold metal this summer in London with Kobe, Durant, and company. Instead, Wade decided having the potential to repeat as NBA champions was more important.

Wade’s style of play isn’t exactly built for a long career. His game is largely based around is attacking the basket which leads to a lot of contact. Even with those massive knee-pads on every game, Wade’s body absorbs a lot of punishment night in and night out. The question the Miami front office have to debate is how much many more years does Wade have left on his knees?

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