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Jameer Nelson and Dwight Howard Brawl?

Jameer Nelson and Dwight Howard Brawl?

HoopsVibe’s Very Quick Call: Seems Howard has just about out lasted his welcome with Jameer in Orlando.

Jameer Nelson and Dwight Howard Brawl?

Has Howard finally worn out his welcome in Orlando. Apparently, Jameer has had about enough of Howard’s stay, no go, no stay mentality. Rumor is many of Howard’s teammates are hoping he will finally leave the Magic and let them simply move on without him.

This strife has apparently boiled over. Jameer and Howard reportedly came close to a physical altercation at the Orlando practice facility. The two had to be separated by players to avoid an actual fight. Jameer’s got a ton of heart, but if this had come to blows it would likely have been a short fight. Howard’s a giant compared to anyone, and Jameer is tiny by NBA standards. Nelson’s only hope would be a swift punch to Howard’s shin, followed by an uppercut to his groin.

This discontent with Howard and the direction of the organization might have been the reason Nelson recently opted-out of his Orlando contract. The Magic are a team held hostage by their star, a star that wants out of Orlando. The Magic would be smart to let him go.

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