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Tim Duncan Agrees To 3 Year Deal

Tim Duncan agrees to a 3 year deal for $36 million with the San Antonio Spurs.

HoopsVibe’s Very Quick Call: Typical Duncan this signing was simple, straight-forward, and boring. Dwight Howard could learn something.

Tim Duncan Agrees To 3 Year Deal

According to the San Antonio Express News, Tim Duncan and the Spurs have agreed to a 3-year $36 million deal that would take Timmy right up to just about the end of his career.

The two time MVP has lead the Spurs to 4 championships over his career. He’s starting to approach the end of his career, but is still extremely effective in the post and went for 15 points and 9 rebounds per game last year. He also lead the San Antonio Spurs to the league best 50-16 record and the Western Conference Finals.

The Spurs also went on a 20-game winning streak to finish up the regular season and start the playoffs that was the 3rd longest in NBA history. Not too bad for a player and a team many talking-head reporters continue to call too old, too slow, and too boring. With a couple of off-season tweaks, the Spurs should be back in the hunt for the West again next year.

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