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Kobe Talks About Retiring In 2 Years.

Kobe Bryant talks about retiring in 2 years.

HoopsVibe’s Very Quick Call: Kobe won’t retire until he’s forced out of the game. Anyone that thinks different is crazy.

Kobe Talks About Retiring In 2 Years.

Could Kobe be seeing the end of the line? He talked a good game recently when he sat down with reporters, but just like Jordan dragged it out until he couldn’t play any more, my bet is Kobe will hold on until the bitter end.

Kobe claims after two more season he could be looking to call it a career. “I’ve been playing 17 years now – next year will be my 17th, and when I’m 35 it will be my 18th in the league. That’s a long time to be playing. You know, it will be the last year of my contract and I don’t know. I don’t know if I’ll be playing any longer than that.”

Riiiiiight. Go see if you can sell that song in dance to a Laker girl. Everyone knows Kobe is one of the most competitive people on the planet. If he lost at a game of ping pong he’d be out in the garage practicing 2 hours a day and planning a rematch. Kobe has at least 5 years if not more left to play. Kobe’s ego will probably prevent him from ever making the move to a role player though. When he’s not physically capable of being the number 1 option in the offense he’ll probably need to retire. Just like Michael Jordan and Allen Iverson, Kobe will not be capable of doing what players like Nash, Fisher, or Ray Allen can do. Kobe is only capable of being a team player when he’s the first option on the team. When that ends, his career will shortly follow.

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