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Spurs Happy to Sleep This Off-Season Away.

Spurs happy to sleep this off-season away.

HoopsVibe’s Very Quick Call: 

Spurs Happy to Sleep This Off-Season Away.

The Spurs are known for being methodic, slow, some might even say boring. Well, this off-season is no different. Greg Popovich admits this off-season was very uneventful. The Spurs had no high-drama cliff-hangers. They had no trash-talking contract negotiations that dragged out in the press.

The Spurs must not have had any big-name contracts to settle, you say? On the contrary, their biggest player in franchise history signed a 3-year contract this off-season. Tim Duncan signed a $36 million dollar contract and the team managed to re-sign newcomers Danny Green and Boris Diaw.

Green has quickly established himself as a defensive specialist and slid into the role Bruce Bowen occupied for the Spurs for so many years. He possesses the strength, quickness, and attitude to man-up against the leagues best 2 and 3 guards. This means guys like Kobe are his responsibility.

Diaw added a 3-point shooting big-man with an incredible eye for distributing the ball with interior low-post passing. With a guy like Duncan roaming around in the blocks, that’s a useful skill to have. The Spurs snagged both  of the journey-men last year for seemingly nothing and found them roles in a system that have turned them into extremely productive players. Pop and the Spurs have a knack for taking underrated talent and turning it into a winning formula.

I think their 20-game winning streak and sweep of the first two rounds of the playoffs attest to this. The real problem the Spurs are going to run into is they really haven’t done anything this off-season to get better. They Thunder destroyed them in the Western Conference Finals last year with quickness and speed, as well as key matchups San Antonio had no answer for. The Spurs have done absolutely nothing this off-season to address these short-coming and with the Lakers buying up guys like Nash, San Antonio may slip to 3rd best in the West.

We don’t even have to begin talking about how much better Miami is now with Allen and Lewis. They won it all last year and have made more moves than anyone to improve their team. San Antonio managed to resign Timmy and not go over the luxury tax, but they’re going to have a tough time winning any rings with their current lineup.

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