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Love talks about “Bad Blood” on T-Wolves

Kevin Love talks about the “Bad Blood” on the T-Wolves.

HoopsVibe’s Very Quick Call: Doesn’t take a genius to figure out who this is about.

Love talks about “Bad Blood” on T-Wolves

Kevin Love opened up about some bad blood that existed in the T-Wolves locker room last year. He wouldn’t confirm any names, but let us know the problem was gone.

Well, since the only players from last year team not returning are Darko Millicic, Michael Beasley, Martell Webster, and Anthony Randolph the “bad blood” culprit isn’t hard to guess. Beasley’s had baggage at just about every stop in his career. He’s known as not being much of a team player on or off the court. Early in his career this was chalked up to his youth and teams hoped he’d grow into more of a team guy, but at this point in his career it’s pretty well established who Michael Beasley is as a player on and off the court.

Beasley is an offensive force averaging 15 points and 5 rebounds over his career. Yet, his career will end when his athletic ability stops being one of the most dominant on the court. His ability to fit into a team concept is mediocre at best and he has a string of “incidents” that have remained of the main-stream sports media’s radar, but are front and center on many GM’s mind.

Kevin Love may be trying to avoid needless drama with Beasley by not naming him as the problem, but to basketball insiders this is a thinly veiled attempt. Many close to the T-Wolves were glad to see Beasley leave this off-season and go to the Phoenix Suns. His potential is enough to make you forget how much baggage he comes with, but Phoenix will quickly remember.

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