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Steve Nash Shoots Awesome, Off The Wall “Shawshank Redemption” Parody

The newest Laker in town shows, yet again, his acting chops and sense of humor.

HoopsVibe Very Quick Call: It’s awesome when NBA players show that they aren’t complete PR robots and do things because they like to have fun.

My favorite part is when he lifts up his shirt to reveal a hastily made Larry O’Brien prison tat on his back. Other than that, it’s pretty hard to figure out what compelled Nash to make this spoof, but his maniacal grin shows you just how glad he was to get out of Phoenix.

Nash has made similar spoofs in th past. My favorite of all time is this mock car commmercial; notice all the empty spots in the lot until he hones in on the old lady. Simply fantastic.

Is there anyone happier to be a Laker than Nash? He finally has a chance to win a title for the first time in years. Nash is the ultimate offensive point guard moving to a team with the most offensive wepons he has ever had at his disposal. Nash finished second in the NBA in assists this season, and led the league in the two years prior. Is there any doubt he will lead the league agin next year? 

The Lakers are odds on favorites out of the Western Conference to appear in the Finals, which would put him in a spot to actually collect and win the Larry O’Brien trophy rather than just referring to it in parody videos.

And with parody videos like this, it will be even easier for Nash to make a post NBA career transition into La La land’s most notable contribution to society- films.

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