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Rumor- James Harden To Suns

With the fresh wound of coming "oh so close" to signing Eric Gordon away from New Orleans yet to heal, the Suns remain on the prowl for a perimeter scorer- enter James Harden.

HoopsVibe Very Quick Call: Maybe it is a bit premature to think about a final landing spot for Harden considering he is signed through the end of the upcoming NBA season, but there are a lot of things that make sense about him ending up in Arizona.


First, Harden played at Arizona State in college. And, his mom still lives in Arizona. 

“Of course. I love it there," said Harden to the Arizona Republic of all places. "My mom lives there still. So that’s definitely my second home as far as my comfort level and going to school there. But obviously, I’m with the Thunder and what we have is special."

Is it me, or does that sound like a statement a man makes who is thinking about leaving his long time spouse? If he wasn’t at least considering it, wouldn’t his first answer be "No, I’m with the Thunder- next question." Or, is he just keeping all of his options open in case he doesn’t re-sign?

Either way, OKC is in a tough spot with both Harden and the people’s choice for NBA Defensive Player of the Year, Serge Ibaka, coming up as free agents next season. Both players are now eligible to sign an extension with the club, but both will want max contracts, something OKC cannot afford.  So they can keep both players for one more season, but then in all likelihood they would lose one, and get nothing in return when they walk in free agency. So, a potential trade prior to the end of next season means the Thunder could actually get something rather than nothing. And would the Suns not be the perfect trade partner?

Who would you pick if you were the Thunder- Harden or Ibaka? 

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