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Top 10 Reasons Why LA Will Win The NBA Championship Next Year

Top 10 Reasons: Why LA will win the championship next year.

HoopsVibe’s Very Quick Call: No, all 10 reasons aren’t Dwight Howard

Top 10 Reasons Why LA Will Win The NBA Championship Next Year

#10 Miami will lack hunger

You could almost hear the weight of the world comin off of LeBron’s shoulders last year with a championship ring finally slipping onto his finger. LeBron will not play with the desperation he needs to beat this lineup.

#9 The city of LA is hungry

They want another championship and the Clippers are no where close to the top 3 teams in the West.

#8 Focus

Kobe will wipe the smile off of Howard’s face and have him focused on winning.

#7 They have no weaknesses

They’ve got 3-point threats, post-up threats, transition threats, and a great defensive stopper on the perimeter and underneath.

#6 Jamison knows how to play team ball

The acquisition of Antawn Jamison didn’t get the same attention as Nash or Howard, but this veteran and UNC grad, knows the team game and how to play his part.

#5 Meta World Peace will be a beast

The Lakers still have a defensive stopper in World Peace and a either a great 5th man or amazing 6th. Look for him to play more and more in the second unit.

#4 Pau will be great

With all pressure removed from Pau’s shoulders, it should be easy for  the big guy to get his points. Pau’s never been a true 5 man and with Dwight doing all the banging, Pau can stick to the high post where he’s most comfortable.

#3 Ball movement

LA’s offense looked stagnant at time this year relying on Kobe to hit tough shots to bail them out at the end of shot-clocks. Next year with Nash running point, look for more easy buckets.

#2 Dwight Howard

His arrival in LA is a game changer for the entire league. This gives LA the best big-man in the game and one that won’t vanish come playoff time. Howard is a more consistent force and presence on the floor than Bynum, who always managed to simply be good, but not great.

#1 Kobe Bryant

The biggest reason is still the go-to guy at the end of the game, namely Kobe Bryant. He is a killer when it counts. He hungers for the pressure shot and knocks them down time after time. The biggest reason this team will win immediately and not take a couple years like Miami and Boston when they put together their Big-Three is Kobe. He already has rings and knows what it takes to get there again.
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