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USA Wins Gold And Kobe Says Adios

Team USA Wins Gold and Kobe Says No More

HoopsVibe’s Very Quick Call: Was there really ever any doubt? Hmmm, yeah, there was.

For all of Kobe’s yapping about this USA Men’s Basketball team being able to beat the 1992 Dream Team, he should have been focusing on Spain. That’s right, Spain pushed Kobe’s beloved Olympic team to the brink in the gold medal game. The US came out on top 107-100, but this was certainly not the dominated show of strength many expected.

The Americans needs a monster 3-pointer by james with 2:50 left in the game to finally end the Spanish threat. Since when did the 1992 Dream Team have threats with 2:50 left in the game? Two thing is clear coming out of this Olympics, the Brazilian beach volleyball team needs to put together some type of calendar and the rest of the world has pretty much caught up with the US in basketball. 

The Americans were lead by Durant with 30 points and LeBron who with Michael Jordan became the only man to win the NBA MVP, NBA Championship, Finals MVP, and Olympic Gold in the same year. Plus, he did a really neat Oprah interview. So, there is that too.

“It was a good year. It was a great year for me as an individual,” James said. “But this right here, it means more than myself, it means more than my name on my back. It means everything to the name on the front. I’m happy that I was able to contribute to this great team. It’s one of the best teams ever.”

This will be Coach Mike Krzyzewski’s last Olympics and Kobe’s too. Both said they wouldn’t be participating in the Brazil Olympics in 2016. We tend to believe Coach K, but I think Kobe may reconsider when he realizes how small those thongs are in Rio.

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