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Miami Shopping For Big Men

Miami shopping for a Big Man

HoopsVibe’s Very Quick Call: Whoever they get won’t be able to cover Dwight.

It’s not secret that the Lakers have had an amazing off-season. Such a great off-season in fact that the reigning NBA Champions find themselves scrambling to find a big man if they want to have a chance at repeating. The Miami Big-Three ain’t bad, but who’s going to cover Dwight in the finals? That’s a problem.

Looking around the league there are really on a few big men out there that they can afford. Since Wade, LeBron, and Bosh take up most of that money and what’s left is either going to Ray Allen, Chalmers, or Lewis. The problem is none of them play the 5. Bosh can play center offensively, but watching him attempt to guard a true 5 like Howard or Bynum would be like watching Woody Harrelson try to dunk the ball, painful. 

The first option is Chris “Birdman” Anderson. Denver let him go after that whole child pornography fiasco and with the arrival of high-flyer JaVale McGee. He brings great on the court energy, but his offensive skills are minimal. The good thing about this option is that Anderson wouldn’t be expected to produce offensively. The bad part of Birdman is he’s pretty small and light for a true big man and only minimally fixed the problem for Miami.

The next option is Darko Milicic who clearly has the coolest first name in the league. He was born to be a bad guy. Darko doesn’t have stellar numbers, but he truly fits the role as a 5 and can bang with the big boys underneath. Darko was waived from Minnesota and would be available cheap. He is a serious option.

The final center out there is Josh Harrelson. Harrelson would be coming from Houston and isn’t exactly what you would call a known entity. He was drafted in 2011 and is seen as a work in progress. Since he’s below the radar and somewhat of an unknown commodity, Harrelson is possibly the greatest risk of the three. He could develop into a descent center in the future, but as of right now he would likely not beat out Miami’s current center Pittman. 

With these as the options on the table, it’s tough to not lean toward Darko. He’s experienced, a known commodity, a team player, knows how to exist within a system, and is big enough to take up space underneath. 

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