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Dwight Howard Asks Orlando For Forgiveness

Dwight Howard tries to make-up with Orlando with a full page add.

HoopsVibe’s Very Quick Call: Any true Orlando fan isn’t buying this load of BS.

After Dwight Howard lead Orlando on, held the franchise hostage, and ran off the coach, he decided to take off to Los Angeles. Don’t worry Orlando fans, he really loves the city. Just look, he took the time to have his press agent type up a super sweet thank you note for him to sign for you. Don’t you feel better now? If anyone should be hated for leaving a city it should be Dwight Howard. He makes LeBron James’s exit from Cleveland look like a smooth transition.

I understand full-page thank you notes are all the rage now in the NBA with Ray Allen leading the way with his to the Boston faithful, but Dwight’s gesture looks hollow and selfish considering the circumstances. Clearly, this is an individual that cares little to nothing for the Magic organization or its’ future. Dwight’s indecision and eventual exodus has set back Orlando at least 5-years. He destroyed this franchise and humiliated the fans.

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