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Rumor: Tracy McGrady To Bobcats

Tracy McGrady has had multiple workouts with the Charlotte Bobcats recently.

HoopsVibe Very Quick Call: Does T-Mac have anything left?

Frankly, it’s pretty amazing that McGrady is still garnering interest from NBA squads considering his dwindling production over the last several seasons. McGrady spent last season in Atlanta and played in 52 games without starting a single game. He also averaged a career low 5.3 ppg on a career low 4.4 shot attempts per game. McGrady has played for four teams in the last three years. He’s literally a shell of his former self and it’s easy to forget how dominating he once was. Anyone under the age of 30 probably can’t even remember what a lethal scorer he used to be.

T-Mac came straight out of high school to the NBA and led the league in scoring in 02-03 and again in 03-04. Vince Carter’s cousin was a seven time all-star and arguably the most exciting, athletic player in the league for several years. But after a couple years in Houston, McGrady couldn’t stay healthy and went from stud to also-ran in the span of about two years.

If anyone was wondering why the Bobcats only won seven games a year ago, roster moves like this should answer that question for you. Especially considering the team already has used up former players like Ben Gordon, Ramon Sessions and Brendan Haywood. I mean seriously; what is Michael Jordan doing down there? What do they even see in McGrady- “veteran presence”? Remember when everyone thought he was a malcontent who killed team chemistry? What is the point of even bringing him in- can’t you find some young, 6-8 guy right out of college that can do what McGrady can do at this point?

If McGrady can garner interest, how come no one will sign Allen Iverson?

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