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Rose Weighs In On Chicago Teacher’s Strike

Derrick Rose puts his celebrity status to good use. 

HoopsVibe’s Very Quick Call: Rose prays for the US as he sides with the kids.

In a battle between Chicago’s public school teachers and the Chicago board of education, basketball star, Derrick Rose, sides with the kids. With the humility and self-awareness usually reserved for spiritual leader, Derrick Rose uses his celebrity to highlight an issue not revolving around bling or an upcoming $200 sneaker release. 

The Chicago Public School’s strike has received much attention in the general news and Rose rightfully felt it his obligation as a leader in the Chicago community to voice his own position on the issue. This not only brings additional pressure to both sides to reach an agreement, but it also exemplifies the a great use of NBA celebrity to in some small way affect change. 

Rose stated, “I’m sitting here thinking how sad it is that my city got to go through this. I love my city and everyone in it even my haters,” Rose said in his initial tweet, but there was more to come.

“I don’t like the fact that OUR kids are not in school and that’s the only thing we have to SAVE these kids,” an obvious reference to the amount of violence this city has seen over the summer months.

“I pray for US for real. I know I shouldn’t be saying this because I hoop and it’s not my lane but I feel like people should hear this,” said Rose before closing with, “Chi town till I die!”


Rose managed to put the emphasis on the kids and not the political wrangling between conservative anti-labor right wingers and liberal union supporters. In a divisively charged election year that divides our control along political lines, Rose brought this issue back to the local level and to where the issue should be, the kids. Hats off to one NBA star that has his head on straight. 

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