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J.R. Smith Tells Kids He’s Going To Kick Jeremy Lin’s Ass

Smith tells a group of kids he’s going to kick Jeremy Lin’s ass.

HoopsVibe’s Very Quick Call: J.R. repping everything we love to hate, mostly just him being a douche. 

Most parents and teacher think they know what to expect from an inspirational speaker that is brought in to address a room full of adoring children. Yet, when that speaker is J.R. Smith of the New York Knicks you might want to pre-screen his comments.

Smith informed a room full of youth last weekend at the Monroe Sports Center that he was not only going to kick the Houston Rocket’s ass this year, he was also going to kick Jeremy Lin’s ass. Did we forget to mention Smith was speaking to kids and a super classy individual? Yup, that’s just the sort of message I’m sure those parents were hoping their children would receive. Something along the lines of: 1. Stay in school; 2. Don’t do drugs, and 3. Lets kick Jeremy Lin’s ass!

Well, needless to say, but Smith didn’t let any of the future ass kickers down. He showed them just the type of integrity and moral fabric it takes to be a professional NBA athlete and a leader in the community. Afterward, we taught the kids how to smoke a bowl, run over cats in his Range Rover, and make lewd gestures with his crotch and women. Rumor is after basketball Smith is considering a career in politics. With a track record like this he definitely has HoopsVibe’s endorsement for Congressmen. 

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