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Rumor: Knicks Want Rasheed Wallace

Rumor Alert: Knicks reportedly want Rasheed Wallace.

HoopsVibe’s Very Quick Call: Does it really matter? NYC has zero chance of advancing out of the East.

I’d love to pretend the Knicks are one or two pieces away from being a contender in the East, but unless those one or two pieces are LeBron or Durant, they simply are not. I know the New York faithful will waive their Melo jerseys in my face and talk about Amare, Melo, and Chandler, but the bottom line is this is simply a squad of good players that will all go out and get good numbers (except for Amare) and struggle to get past the first round of the playoffs.

Rasheed could be an incredibly negative addition to this team. Wallace is one of those players that can light a fire under a team’s ass if they’re on the cusp of greatness, but can also loaf all over the practice court if he feels his team simply isn’t going to win. Unfortunately, this Knick team will not win the games that matter and Rasheed’s attitude issues will only exacerbate Melo’s nonchalant approach and Amare’s frustration with so few touches.

The Knicks shouldn’t touch Rasheed Wallace with a ten-foot pole. He is the worst kind of player for this type of team. He is simply another prima donna attitude problem. Yes, Rasheed was once an amazing talent and still shows signs of his former greatness. The back end of Rasheed’s career will be shortened because he is unable to transition into the type of veteran role player Juwan Howard embraced in his later years. This eventually led Howard to the only championship ring any of the Fab Five ever captured and a significantly longer career than most of his peers. Most NBA stars lack the humility for this type of late career transition and Rasheed is no exception. This would be a horrible addition to a Knick team already in need of an attitude adjustment.

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