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Joe Johnson Accused Of Stealing Jewelry

An Atlanta jeweler is suing Brooklyn Nets guard Joe Johnson.

HoopsVibe Very Quick Call: It sounds pretty sketchy though.


Allegedly the jeweler claims that Johnson took the jewelry and never paid for the items. Included in the booty was a white gold watch with diamonds, diamond beaded bracelet, black diamond stud earrings and a white gold bezel set rosary. The total value of all the items is a cool $125,500.

The alleged incident occurred back in October of 2010 but the lawsuit was filed in September and claims that with 2% monthly interest, the current amount Johnson owes is $266,333.05. It’s interesting that the incident occurred two years ago, but the jeweler is just now getting around to the lawsuit. I bet it has absolutely nothing to do with allowing interest to accrue.

Johnson for his part denies he ever agreed to purchase the jewelry and claims that the store owner allowed him to borrow the items and return them when he was done. When he brought them back, he got stuck with a bill.

The only people who win in this case are the lawyers for both the jeweler and Joe Johnson- because they get paid no matter what. Even if Johnson proves his innocence, he gets nothing from the legal proceedings except for a fat bill from his lawyer.

Speaking of fat bills, Johnson is spending plenty of those in a custody battle for his five year old son. In July, Johnson filed paper work requesting joint physical and legal custody of his son. Props to Johnson for not just passively paying child support, but for getting involved and being an active participant in his son’s life.

Like the old saying goes, "99% of lawyers give the rest a bad name."

Both incidents come on the heels of Johnson signing a six year, $123.70 million dollar contract in early July so of course, everyone wants a piece of him.

Like Puff Daddy famously said, "Mo’ Money, Mo’ Problems".

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