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Feud: Mark Cuban Vs. Deron Williams

Deron Williams was closer to becoming a Dallas Mav that most thought.

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Until this week, WIlliams had been toeing the company line about why he chose to stay with the Brooklyn Nets, rather than sign with one of a number of potential other suitors. HIs answer was because of what the Nets had done in free agency and how it proved to him that the organization wanted to win know.

But this week, Williams said a big reason was that Cuban skipped a free agency meeting with Williams and his team to tape an episode of his show “Shark Week”. Talk about a slap in the face to Williams, a native Texan. Here is what Cuban had to say:

“I’m a big D-Will fan, but I’m kind of surprised that he would throw his front office under the bus like that by saying that I would make a difference,” Cuban said. “I would have expected him to say — like I’d expect one of our guys to say — ‘Hey I’m so thrilled with the front office and the moves we made and our team that it wouldn’t have mattered what he did.’

If WIlliams is smart, he should probably just clam up about the whole incident because Cuban is not the guy to get into a war of words with- he has no shame. He was bad enough/brash enough before the Mavs/he won a title, but now that he has, he’s essentially earned carte blanche and can say whatever he wants.

Meanwhile what is Williams’ biggest accomplishment to date- getting Jerry Sloan to quit and then forcing his way out of Utah?

The only way to shut Cuban up is for Williams and the Nets to win a title this year- anything less than that and Cuban will always win this argument.

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