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D-League Tryout Nets 76 Year Old Professor, Pseudo “Rapper” Little B

The freaks come out at night- or in this case, to a D-League tryout in Santa Cruz.

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Last weekend, new D League squad the SC Warriors (formerly the Dakota Wizards) held an open tryout for anyone who could pay the $125 entry fee. Some talented dudes came out- and so did "rapper" Little B, proving the "B" stands for "ball boy".

You may remember a few months back when Little B called out 6-11 Kevin Durant aka "Durantula" saying he could beat him one on one? Apparently, Little B has never seen a nearly seven foot tall human in person, because Durant would abuse him defensively, then make Little B smell a butt cheek while posting him up over and over. Am I the only one who wants to see Little B go one on one with the 76 year old college professor?

Man, the standards of calling oneself a "rapper" have clearly fallen. All you need is a tattooed torso full of meaningless shit and a stupid "hard" look on your face. What I really want to see is the 76 year old get on the mic and spit some educational rap.

Enough about drugs, guns, hoes, etc- what’s it like to have a Masters and roll in a "benzo" that you actually own, that you negotiated a reasonable interest rate on before you agreed to the loan? About how the sub prime rate mortgage collapse didn’t affect you because you spread out your investment portfolio over multiple sectors? About your 40 year marriage and your fully functional, successful children?

So, a 76 year old white professor should be an easy matchup for Little B- right? I wonder if he even has a left. Yeah "right", he’s like that kid at the Y who not only does he not have a left, but he doesn’t even know how to use his off hand to shield the ball from the defender; lame. 

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Image Credit: The Inquisitr


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