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Steve Nash Out 4 Weeks

Sever Nash out for 4 weeks injured

HoopsVibe’s Very Quick Call: Some in Laker Nation are Saying they are better without him?

The doctors have spoke and Steve Nash has a fractured fibula. Initially, it was thought this could result in a day-to-day status, but now word out of the Laker’s camp is Nash might be out as much s four weeks. 

The real shock is the reaction from Laker Nation. Many are saying the Lakers are better without him running the point and that he isn’t right for this Princeton style half-court offense. 

It’s true that Nash is built for a run-and-gun style of ball and that he gets most of his point production of pick-and-rolls leading to runners in the lane, but to say Steve Blake is a better fit over future Half of Famer Steve Nash is a huge leap. 

Just because the Lakers went out and got their first win 108-79 over the Detroit Pistons without Nash doesn’t mean anything. The Pistons are horrible this year. The Lakers should defeat the Pistons if half their starting lineup was out. Taking anything away from this game is a mistake. The Lakers are clearly better with a healthy Nash on the floor. His ability to lead a team and hit clutch shots when it counts are priceless. He also has a high basketball IQ and one has to believe he will find a way to fit into this high octane Laker offense. They just need to figure out how all the pieces fit together and this will be something tough to do while he’s sitting on the sideline healing. 

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