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Tim Duncan Gave Brent Barry Money To Kiss David Stern

Tim Duncan once gave teammate Brent Barry $100 to kiss David Stern.

HoopsVibe Very Quick Call: It’s such a great story I’m shocked we didn’t hear it sooner.

Tim Duncan Gave Brent Barry Money To Kiss David Stern



The kiss in question happened in 2006, during the ring presentation for the ’05 NBA champion San Antonio Spurs prior to the first game of the regular season. As he stood on the court next to teammate Tim Duncan awaiting his ring, a conversation enused about how funny it would be if Barry were to plant a kiss onto Stern’s cheek upon collection of his ring. Duncan egged Barry on by offering him $100 dollars if he actually did it. Barry recalls the entire experience here.

“As I basked in that satisfaction I stood next to Tim Duncan. I said something like “Well that was fun last year, we should try to do this again!” He giggled his goofy giggle. And then I asked him how much he would give me if I kissed David Stern upon getting my ring.

He offered a sum, I considered it and waited for my name to be called. As I approached the Commish I felt like I couldn’t let my captain down. So after a quick ‘Congratulations Brent’ from David I hugged him and planted one right on his cheek.”

Duncan is portrayed as such a robotic, sterile type of player it’s refreshing to hear that he on occasion puts the “fun” in his moniker the “Big Fundamental”. And the fact that Barry, a highly paid NBA player, would do it for $100 shows you how little prompting he needed to be silly.

The other funny part about the story is that in 2007 when the Spurs won another title, Stern visited Barry in the teams locker room berforehand and cautioned him about a repeat performance of the kiss.

No word on how much Duncan bet current Spurs point guard Tony Parker to kiss Barry’s ex-wife.

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