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Metta World Peace Creates MWP Program

Metta World Peace never fails to amaze.

HoopsVibe Very Quick Call: He’ll always be "Ron Ron" to me.


Since the infamous brawl at the palace, Metta World Peace has undergone an interesting journey. From reknown goon, to playing for four teams in five seasons while averaging almost 20 points per game, to world champion defensive stopper ,the former Ron Artest has gone through a lot of changes on the court.

Off the court has been equally interesting to watch thanks to the infamous name change, his promotion of his all-girl R&B group, being a contestant on Dancing With The Stars, advocating increased awareness of mental health and even shooting an entertaining public service announcement in conjunction with it.

Metta recently started the MWP program that focuses on three aspects; Mind, Wellness and Performance. Per Metta’s website, the difference between this and a regular workout program is that it "first targets the mind, as it is the central control that must be trained into a positive state, so that the individual can move towards a better and healthier life" which  makes sense due to Metta’s well-documented approach at solidifying his own mental state.

The first step in the program is taking part in a "Community Walk" that stresses good health and well being by intereacting in the community and generally spreading overall goodwill.

From there, the workout centers on exercises that World Peace himself undertakes, all while stressing a good diet. While you never know what Metta will do, it’s cool to see that he puts his name behind something positive and actually is personally involved.

World Peace is an easy target for criticism and pot shots thanks to his "off the beaten path" approach to his life but he has come a long way since the brawl in Detroit. Say what you will about him, but it sure seems like he’s on the right track.

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Image Credit: World Peace’s Facebook Page


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